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Trade Secrets

If only her father hadn’t fired her bodyguard.

Milena, the daughter of a billionaire tech tycoon, prefers decoding files to figuring out men. But when someone tries to steal information from her and kills her driver, she must trust the one man who claimed to always protect her.

Her bodyguard.

Nash Dunford, a personal security guard turned full-time construction worker, has Milena to blame for his current position. She claims to be in danger. But after hearing her story, and no proof of a body, he’s better off not getting involved. He had no business getting involved with his client.

Moving on from the job proves as impossible as leaving the tycoon heiress. With danger knocking on his door, Nash gets all the proof needed to protect Milena. She’s different from other women and not for the money. Someone is dead intent on getting what they want. More than her company’s trade secrets are at stake and they won’t stop chasing her until they get them. Nash has a plan, one that might save them, and by doing so, discover more deadly secrets.

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Susan Lower is an award-winning author of inspirational romance, suspense, and mystery novels. Susan writes stories filled with hope and resilient heroes. Her books are available in e-book and print.