Forgotten Reins

Secret Baby

Second Chance

Inspirational Romance

Forgotten Reins

Book 1 - Silver Wind Horse Rescue

She’ll protect her baby, no matter the cost…

If she could turn back time, Sarah Colvert would only change one thing. Her son’s father would know he exists. Almost six years have passed, and she hasn’t forgotten about the love of her life. Every day she looks into those same eyes, the ones her son inherited. The ache in her heart has been growing, but now she has the ranch back, horses to rescue, and her baby’s daddy back in town. She can't risk losing it again.

His love blinded him.

When Michael spots her for the first time since that summer, Sarah is every bit as pretty as she was back then. No, not pretty. Beautiful. But Sarah's a single mother and no matter who the father of Sarah’s child is, this cowboy wants another chance. He's a better veterinarian than a boyfriend, avoiding relationships for years. Convincing Sarah to let him be a part of her life again, starting with the rescue horses, will take time and trust.

But the truth has been there in front of him all this time.

Will a seven-dollar rescue horse be enough to reunite this family?

Forgotten Reins is the first novel in the Silver Wind Equine Rescue Romance series. It’s a sweet inspirational romance with a guaranteed happily ever after. Enjoy!

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