The Cowgirl Takes The Bounty

Book 2 - Cowgirl Mysteries

Give a girl a husband, a debt, and a bounty to collect… and she’ll turn the town upside down.

The bounty hunter wants to keep our marriage in name only. The gambler isn’t above blackmail, and the whole town is in a tizzy over the railroad coming to Deadwood.

Over my dead body!

Okay, maybe not mine, but when the new railroad owner is accused of murder and puts out a reward to catch the actual killer, what’s a girl to do?

My claim is at stake. Maybe my heart, too.

The sooner I return to my home in the mountains, the less heartache I’ll have. No one catches the bounty hunter, but the gambler is on to us. The bounty hunter has been side-stepping me ever since the judge declared us husband and wife. If I can’t rope him into a proper marriage, the gambler will take more than my precious land. All he must do is prove to the judge the bounty hunter and I haven’t sealed the deal. His attempts to woo me are getting hard to resist.

I’m desperate enough to hunt down this bounty on my own.

And given the circumstances, I can’t afford not to get my man. Getting the reward money will pay off my debts, but it may also become one big disaster.

The Cowgirl Takes The Bounty is a fun-loving, laugh-inducing, western romcom mystery with a love triangle, murder mystery, and closed-door romance.

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