Brides of Annie's Creek

The Fruitcake Bride

Brides of Annie's Creek ~ Book 1

Can a little fruitcake go a long way?

From the moment Adam Keller stepped up beside her at the Chicago Train station, Kati Roberts has held a special place in her heart for the man, but will her mother's fruitcake recipe be enough to convince him to love her in return?

Travel back to the late 1870's with Adam and Kati to the coal mining town of Annie Creek, South Dakota for an old-fashion Christmas that will warm your heart with this sweet inspirational romance. 

The Thimble Bride

Brides of Annie's Creek ~ Book 2

He came back for her. She isn’t ready to start someplace new. When tragedy strikes, will their love be strong enough to see them through?

Callie Fox has dreamed of the day she would wed J.D. Fudora. As the day nears, she is torn between leaving her friends in their time of need or going away with the man who is to blame for their grief.

Anxious to make Callie his bride and head back east to pursue his dreams of building steam-powered locomotives, J.D. finds himself caught between trying to prove his innocence and winning over his bride doubts of leaving the only place she’s ever known.

Can J.D. prove he’s innocent? Will Callie choose to go east with J.D.? And will their faith and love in each other be enough to see them wed?

The Postage Stamp Bride

Brides of Annie's Creek ~ Book 3

A man blind by his own fear and a young woman determined to reunite lost love through a series of letters.

Ester McDermott has been sitting at Samuel Sparks bedside for months sharing her heart, along with her hopes and her dreams with him. Then on the day his bandages finally come off and he can see her for the first time, Samuel has to flee town. Through a series of letters, Ester expresses her feelings for him, but then she meets a Pinkerton agent named Matthew who tries to convince her the feelings she has aren't real.

When Samuel hand delivers a letter to Ester at the post office, she'll have to figure out if what is in her heart is true in order to accept him for who he really is. 

All books in the Brides of Annie's Creek can be read as stand alones or in the order you find above. Happy reading!

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