Opposites Attract

Inspirational Romance


Book 2 - Silver Wind Horse Rescue

Three little words. A cowboy on a motorcycle. And rescue horse.

Can Jenny make things right?

It's her ex-boyfriend's fault—not hers—Cade ended up in the hospital. His motorcycle is in more pieces than a jigsaw puzzle, and Jenny refuses to leave the handsome cowboy stranded in a strange town.

Cade left the rodeo, hoping to put his past behind him and find a place to settle down. He lost his faith and trust in women a long time ago. Staying at Silver Wind to help train the rescue horses gives him a new purpose. While Jenny tries to get him on his feet again to move on, he becomes more attached to the horse rescue and its manager.

The more Jenny tries to control things; the more her life feels like it is falling apart. One poor decision leads to another and could put her in danger. But is Jenney too stubborn to admit when she's wrong?

Will it take more than three little words and a rescue horse for Jenny to make things right before she pushes Cade too far out of reach?

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