Silver Stirrups

Second Chance

Inspirational Romance

Silver Stirrups

Book 3 - Silver Wind Horse Rescue

Can a little faith, a whole lot of trust, and a second chance help Josh and Alison find what they're both missing?

After a streak of bad luck hits Windy Knoll farms, Alison finds herself without a horse, and the Silver Stirrup Riding Club is without a trail master. While Alison expects foul play where the disappearance of her horse is concerned, she can’t prove her ex had anything to do with it.

Josh Anderson vowed he’d stay out of trouble after a few bad decisions put him in debt to his brother-in-law, but he owes a bigger debt to Alison for walking away from their relationship years ago without an explanation. Josh volunteers as the new trail master while using his connections through the Silver Wind Horse Rescue to help find Alison’s horse.

All the evidence leads to Josh’s guilt, but can Alison trust him enough to let a horse lead them down the right trail?

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