The Cowgirl Gets The Bad Guy

Book 1 - Cowgirl Mysteries

Give a man a deed, a daughter, and a bottle of firewater, and before you know it… he’s dead.

Before he died, Ole Earl went and wagered me and our mining claim in a card game. Now, the gambler who won thinks I’m going to marry him, and the bounty hunter I ran into is only sticking around because I promised him a percentage of my mine profits.

Everyone’s out for a piece of my claim. I can’t leave town until my father’s murder is solved, and my days of being a free woman are numbered. When the judge comes to town, the gambler is planning to take me to court, whether I want to say ‘I do’ or not.

Deadwood isn’t usually such a lively town. With the railroad coming, it’s got all sorts of folks riled up. I know one thing for certain: I’m going to have to find a way to leave town, secure my assets, and cover my father’s debts.

The gambler can pull all the tricks he wants out of his sleeve to try to charm me into marrying him. But the bounty hunter can step out onto the street with a six-shooter in hand and take a girl’s breath away. What’s a cowgirl to do?

If I don’t find my father’s killer, prove the gambler did it, and protect our family secret from getting exposed, the railroad will come barging through the mountain and no cavalry is going to stop the war from breaking out.

Sometimes a woman must pick up her rifle and take matters into her own hands. Watch out, bad guys, Jolene Willow Dean, cowgirl-extraordinaire, is out to get her man.

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