Book 3 - Thunder Valley MC

A Christian Motorcycle Club Romantic Suspense

Haunted by a past mistake, an undercover cop risks everything to protect the family he left behind. 


Once a decorated cop, Sebastian’s now a fugitive with a bounty on his head. Haunted by a failed undercover operation, he swore off motorcycle clubs and women. 


Caitlyn thought she had escaped the clutches of her abusive ex, but when he resurfaced with threats to take her son, she became trapped and desperate.  


Sebastian risks exposing his true identity, jeopardizing his family's safety to return to his hometown and pay an old debt.  


When the web of deceit tightens, Caitlyn must make a heart-wrenching choice. Can she trust the enigmatic biker to help protect her son, or will the truth tear them apart? 

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