Healing Hearts

Book 3 - Hearts of Hidden Hills

In the small town of Hidden Hills, faith and love intertwine in unexpected ways. In this heartwarming Christian small-town romance, two hearts are scarred by loss finding healing, redemption, and love against all odds. 

Seth Jones, a dedicated real estate agent with a knack for selling even the most challenging properties, faces his toughest assignment yet. The house of Violet Harding stands as a poignant reminder of love lost. Violet's dreams of forever were shattered when her fiancé passed away just before their wedding day, leaving her heartbroken and the house they were meant to call home impossible to let go of. 

For Seth, selling Voilet's house becomes a personal mission, but he's met with resistance at every turn. Violet's grief has cemented walls around her heart and her home, and her animosity toward Seth is as fierce as the love she still harbors for her late fiancé. 

As Seth and Violet clash over the fate of the house, they discover a surprising connection beneath the surface. Bound by their shared faith and the pain of their pasts, they begin to unravel the layers of grief and anger that have held them captive. What starts as an adversarial relationship transforms into a journey of healing and hope - a journey that leads them to discover the possibility of love once again. 

In a town where whispers of the past linger in every corner, Seth and Violet find themselves confronting their deepest fears and desires. Can Seth break through Violet's defenses and help her embrace a future that's different from the one she'd imagined? And will Violet's heart find the strength to open itself to a love that's unexpected? 

A story of enemies turned allies, of finding God's grace in the midst of pain, and of the redemptive power of love. As Seth and Lily navigate the challenges of forgiveness, faith, and the undeniable chemistry between them, they discover that sometimes the hardest houses to sell are the ones that hold the keys to unlocking a brighter future. 

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