Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

I had this grand idea to send out biweekly blog updates. Then it was weekly and then, well… you’ve heard the crickets I’m sure. . . So, yeah, I sort of fell off the newsletter wagon, too.

And I’ve  been struggling with writing period.

I’m not sure if you all care, but I thought I’d tell you why anyway.

For the past two years, we’ve been trying to sell our house and get off the busy, noisy, unfriendly street we’ve been living on for one year short of a decade.

Between traveling to the farm, writer’s conferences, and keeping up with dirty dishes and laundry, we finally sold our house.

In the middle of summer, right when we had accepted we’d be sending our kids to school at the same school district and spending another year in our house, it sold. Since then I’ve been frantically searching for a new house because you know there were tons of great options for housing for us until our house sold and we could actually put an offer in on one of them. They’re gone now and so is our house.

Yep, so last week we packed up our house, put it in storage and are living with family until we find a new house. It seems the housing market said “Ha Ha” you sold your house and now all the suitable houses are gone.

My husband and I have always said that if it wasn’t for bad luck, we wouldn’t have any at all. However, we do have one thing, God, so the laugh is on karma. God knows what house he has picked out for us and we feel he is leading us toward it and we’ve been in prayerful thanksgiving we will have a place of our own again before the holidays.

With all that being said, my office, my story notes, is all in storage. It’s frustrating living out of a suitcase.

This summer I accepted the position of director for the St. Davids Christian Writers Association Conference. What a blessing it has been to be a part of the board for almost a decade now and to have been able to step into this position. I feel very disorganized and scatterbrained right now as I keep wanting to grab my spreadsheet on our home network that is packed away or grab a file, but in my feeling of disarray, I know this conference belongs to God and it’s just my privilege that he is allowing me to help organize it. I’m so thankful I already have the faculty lined up in advance. (Wiping sweat from forehead.)

Then, comes my next novel. I know you are all asking where the next Planet Mitch book is. It’s done. It’s edited and it’s waiting for a cover. With the summer flying by and starting a new school, Izzy is trying to complete the artwork. I promise we’ll have it finished by Christmas.

I usually always get sick during the month of November during Nanowrimo ( write a book in a month). I have a feeling, God willing, this November I’ll either be knee deep in unpacking boxes or homeless. We’re praying for the first option.

We’re headed to the farm this weekend. I’m not worried about telling you all that, sorry burglars there is no house for you to come party in while we’re away. lol.

So all I’ve got is excuses for you all right now.  Good ones I hope. Everyone had things in their lives that distract them away from time to time. Life changing things. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers kind of things, and I know that if you’re reading this you get it. We’ve all been there.

Not having all the conveniences, learning to adjust to new places and routines, and learning to depend more on God each day has been slowly transforming my family in a good way. It’s bringing us closer together.

I’ll be posting more about living on a prayer on Tuesday at the Inspire A Fire blog that I contribute to once a month, so please check it out.


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