School Visits

What can you expect if I come to your school?

Primary (K – 2nd Grade)

Kids of this age are curious, so my visit is all about “getting to know the author” and answering questions they have about where inspiration comes from and what goes into making a book. I like them to lead the discussion and answer their curiosity in an age appropriate level.

Many times we’ll cover how life experiences influence writing, and I’ll share favorite books and poems that not only I loved as a child but my own children have enjoyed. If the option is available I use video and photos to encourage kids to read more.


As part of my school visit program, I enjoy doing writing workshops with kids. One of my workshops is called, “Three Doorways to A Great Story”

This workshop helps students create a story by developing a plan or outline to get them through the beginning, middle, and end of their story. We’ll create our own mock up story as we journey through each doorway to get to the end.

I try to leave time at then end for answering questions and love to read the stories the students come up with.

I do require a projector to connect a thumb file or my laptop for presentation purposes.

 Fund Raising Opportunity for Schools

  • I’m happy to give schools a bulk discount on the purchase of my kids books. If your school would like to pre-order books for your students as a fundraiser before my visit, please contact me for further details.