Walking Through the Doors of Fiction With 5th Grade

This past week I received an invitation to hang out with a class of 5th graders.

I’ve always enjoyed going into my children’s schools and assisting with classroom projects and parties. This time, I wasn’t sure how it would go when I received an invitation to visit my son’s 5th grade class, but not as a mom–as an author.

I have to say there are those moments in your life, as a parent, that you are so proud of your children. But, as I watched my son sit in the back of the classroom smiling, I have a feeling he was so much more proud of me at that moment then I have ever expected.

For that moment in time, I wasn’t his mom. I was a super hero.

And, I totally rocked in 5th grade.


We took an adventure through the three doorways of writing a fictional story.

The door of NO RETURNdoor#1

The door of DOOMportapotty

The door of TOMORROWdoor#3


We had an awesome 90 minutes together. Already, I have been invited to return and assist these kids with their fictional stories. I look forward to returning and reading their stories, but I also look forward to taking this adventure with other students and hope other schools will extend this invitation to me in the future.

Teachers, feel free to contact me and we’ll work out the details on my calendar.

Thanks to my incredible husband (who happens to also be a teacher — math teacher) he added a bit of “bling” to my presentation including some party music of which these 5th graders loved! I don’t know makes learning fiction better than a little music and a lot of fun!

Those 90 minutes went so fast. None of us wanted it to end, but a special THANK YOU to this 5th grade class and their teacher for reminding me of the excitement and joys of being a writer.





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