Thoughts From Atop A Tractor

This weekend I sat atop a tractor and looked down over the hill at the farm that has been my sanctuary whenever I’ve needed to come home. It’s always been that place that brings me peace, recharges my spirit, and prioritize the important things in life–like family.


Some people retreat to cabins in the woods, beaches, or luxury vacations. Not this girl. You can’t help following your heart, and mine always takes me back to the farm and to family.

When I sit atop the tractor and look out at the rest of the world, it’s a whole different view then one might think. There are fields swelling with new growth. The oats is almost ready to harvest, second crop hay is thirsting for more rain, and green corn stalks sway and rustle there budding ears in the wind.

There are no obscenities. From this view, things are raw and pure. Natural in respect. Fear has an entirely different meaning from here. Not as it would if I were sitting on my front porch in the city or trying to maneuver through uncertain sections of town.

Life is simpler from the farm. Harder without the conveniences many of us take advantage of and forget to respect. It’s what helps make us stronger. We’ve grown lazy and spoiled like the fat cat on the window seal. The motivation to to provide for others, gain respect, and show love have withered and been replaced with self serving greed.

We’ve lived on this same street in town for almost nine years. I can’t tell you anything about my neighbors. There are people right smack up beside me on both sides of my house and on the other side of the street who could care less I exist.

Here on the farm, the closest neighbor is a half mile in any direction, but I know their names. They wave and I wave back.

There is nothing out of the ordinary about a girl driving a tractor, or sitting atop it deep in thought. Everyone has their thinking spot. Everyone has their place they go to find clarity. And I can’t think of a better place than atop a tractor looking out across the farm that brings one more clarity than right here.

Jobs and other factors in life can take us so far from each other. When there are so many things going wrong in the world or in your life, it’s always nice to find comfort in the people who love you and the home you know you can always return to.

Where do you go when you feel the need to escape and recharge your spirit?

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