There is No Perfect Place

The house hunt continues.

As the holidays approach, my heart has grown heavy. The time of what if’s and “should have,” “could have’s” have also passed.  I made my kids a promise that I haven’t been able to fulfill. As a parent, not fulfilling a promise isn’t a good feeling.

I promised my kids we would be in a new house by Christmas.

The housing market isn’t what it was two years ago when we first started the journey of selling our house with the intentions of living closer to family. The community I grew up in has been transforming these two years into more of an Amish community leaving no place for those of us who live there or wish to return there to buy property or homes. I do not begrudge them this opportunity, timing is not on our side. The timing to sell our house was not meant for us to return to the place where I grew up.

I’m grateful for our current housing option, but every day I scour the house listings on, zillow, and trulia willing a new house to pop up in the listings that will fit my family’s needs and return us to the place my kids call home.

I have come to realize these past few months how blessed we are to have the people of that community in our lives. So many have called, texted, and emailed encouragement and supported us of being on the house hunt along with us. It is nice to know that someone cares enough about you to miss you, want you back, and loves you as much as you have grown to love them.

The housing market has yet to be in our favor these past few months. While I had good intentions when we started this journey to sell our home and relocate, none of us could predict the future. There is much uncertainty right now with the new presidential elect Trump. It’s my prayer that he will follow through with bring jobs back to America and it will open our housing market and make homes more affordable to families.

I’m a firm believer in having one parent stay at home and raise their children when they are young. Being able to work from home and raise my kids has been an incredible blessing. I’ve dreamed for so long of returning to the farm, having a farm of my own, but I have slowly come to accept it isn’t my future. It is difficult at times to accept things don’t always work out the way we plan. Some of the best things that happen to us are the mistakes, the unplanned, the unanticipated factors.

That’s why there is no perfect place.

Close to perfect maybe.

I cracked open a fortune cookie recently that said, “Keep a cool head and bide your time: a chance is bound to come.”

Patience has never been one of my strengths.

In the meantime we’re shifting our focus on this holiday season. On Christmas and the real reason we celebrate. I know the perfect gift for us would to find that new house for our family. However, the real gift this Christmas is being together as a family.

We might not be able to find the “perfect” place for us, but nothing comes closer to perfect then being together this holiday season. Cherish this time together in this place.



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