Putting Family First in the New Year

Today is the official first day of the new year. While you enjoy time gathered around the table with friends and family eating pork and celebrating other New Year traditions, you may or may not be thinking of what this year will bring.

Every year, we set goals, we dream, we make plans of what we want to accomplish in this blank chapter of our lives. Some of us need to go back and re-read last year’s chapter in hopes it will inspire us to set new goals moving forward. And then, there are some chapters we should set aside and wait a few years before going back and reviewing. There is no sense in reminding ourselves of where we failed, what we’ve left unfinished, or driving back down those dead end streets.

Some of you may be thinking of this year as a theme. You’ll pick a word. That word will be your inspiration for the year, your motivation to get you through those times of feeling lost, hopeless, or alone.

There is no wrong way to start out the new year, but you may want to consider doing what is best for you, in this season of your life, and in a positive inspiring way as it may effect the people around you.

A long time ago, before I had my first child, I decided when I had kids, I wanted to be the mom who stayed at home. I didn’t want to have to work in order to have someone else care for my children. Please understand, this was my own personal choice, and while I understand it isn’t always the case for others, this was what I wanted. I wanted to be at home with my kiddos, just like my mom was always at home while I was growing up.

Over the years, I’ve stepped out of our home and taken jobs when needed. Life doesn’t always work out the way we planned, but in the end I’ve always found we are provided for with what we need. Sometimes the biggest thing your family needs is you.

As a wife and a mother, the things we value most are sometimes not the ones we can buy.  They are the ones we create, nurture, and prioritize.

This year, the title of this new chapter for 2018 is FAMILY.

Things will come and go in your life, but your family is beyond value.  If there are relationships that need mended, be the one to make the first move. If you’re not carving out time for your children or your spouse, make it a point in 2018.

If there is anything I learned from growing up on the farm, is that family comes first.

What will you do this year to help strengthen the bond of your family?

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