A New Kid on the Farm

She’s too young to be without a mother. By the tags in her ears she had been passed from one auction to another. That is until she arrived one Wednesday in the auction ring in the community of Bellville.

He wasn’t looking for another mouth to feed. He wasn’t looking for a kid, and an orphan kid at that, but he brought her home anyway.

When grandpa brought this little baby goat home, a little girl fall instantly in love with her. The kind of love only a foster mom could have for a kid. And this little girl called her little kid, Buttons.

The grass is taller than Buttons. After all, this little goat is still just a babe.

When Buttons arrived she could barley stand on her own.  Around the clock she was cared for by three kiddos and the one who brought her home. Now, she can stand. She can walk, and she can hang out with the other goats that call the farm their home.

It won’t be long before the mischief sets in.

There are four other goats, a bunch of rabbits, two dogs, and too many cows to count. However, they’re all family on the farm.

Sometimes family isn’t the ones you were born with or even blood relations, but the ones who accept you, love you, and are always there for you.

They help you get to your feet and give you the strength to stand.


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3 thoughts on “A New Kid on the Farm

  1. lynnwatson

    Reading Forgotten Reins and am enjoying the story. I am a horse person having had two horses years ago.
    A standerbred and a tennessee walker. Have had many accidents, but my worst was two years ago when I ended up with two sackral fractures. Haven’t ridden since as I feel God laid it on my heart as a wakeup call.
    Let me know of any other books you have on sale about horses.
    Thank you.

    1. Susan Lower Post author

      Glad you’re enjoying it Lynn. I, too, had a Tennessee Walker at one time. He was a massive gelding that always spooked at round hay bales out in the field. Could never figure out why, but I miss my horses and praying God has it in His plan for me to one day own a horse again. Have you read Emma’s Dilemma? You can download it free when you sign up for my newsletter.

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