Interesting Facts about Fruitcake


There are a lot of interesting things about fruit cake that I’ve discovered while writing the Fruitcake Bride.

While I shared with you about fruitcakes being wedding cakes in a past post, if you didn’t read, you can read it here, and that it was popular in the Victorian-era for fruitcakes to be served at tea time, I was amazed to discover these things as well.

Like not only was fruitcake around before the Victorian-era, but that Egyptians actually buried fruitcake in their tombs to represent food in the afterlife. And in the Middle-Ages, the knights carried fruitcakes on long trips, equal to today’s equivalent of a energy bar made with pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, raisins with barley. I’m sure back then, it was yummy.

Which leads us to the 1880’s and the Fruitcake Bride with Kati and Adam.

Who know that fruitcake had such a history!

Today, Fruitcake has been given a bad name. Maybe for the bad taste?

Why else would so many people toss them after the holidays?

If you live near Colorado there is a “Great Fruitcake Toss.”  Seriously! It’s the first week of January and they even inspect your fruitcakes!

Fruitcake ingredients are harmless, right? Just chopped candied fruit, dried fruit, nuts, spices, and sometimes a little rum soaked into the cake. Maybe it’s those rum cakes that make them dangerous…. do you think?

Well if you don’t have your own fruitcake, you can RENT one! Contestants pay a small fee or donate a canned good… So hold on to those fruitcakes this Christmas, especially if you live near Colorado!

Still don’t believe me? You can check it out on the free things to do in Colorado site.

What do you do with the fruitcakes you receive?





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