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It’s like I blinked and time flew by me this month.

Last week, I promised to share something with you. Something exciting, and no, I didn’t forget.

Life turned our week upside down and delayed this a bit.

Last week was my son’s birthday. He’s such a brave and wonderful boy.

The day before his birthday we went for his annual check up at the doctor’s office. It was shot time. Rather than delay the inevitable (shots now or later) he got two shots to update his vaccinations. My kiddos have never had trouble with getting shots before, until now.


I made green mine craft rice crispy treats for him to take to school, but my son missed school on his birthday and the day after. He ran a fever for two days as a side effect of getting his vaccinations updated. It’s moments like these that make you feel like a terrible mother. If only God would have installed an alarm alert device inside us when we become moms so we’d get a warning before things like this happen, right?

Sigh… There’s nothing like spending your birthday on the couch with your Spider-man comforter, a good book (or two) and your favorite TV show to watch to help make you feel better.

Needless to say, I got sidetracked last week, but thanks to my husband and oldest daughter, I was still able to fulfill my promise.

Planet Mitch: The Lost Star is now available on Kindle!!


When a star, named Ursa, lands in Mitch’s backyard, he must choose between helping her return home or proving to his friends she really exists.

For kids ages 7-12



Because you all have been so patient, supportive, and understanding….

And because if your kids are like my kids — they are off school for an elongated weekend for the Easter Holiday…

You can download The Lost Star FREE Today through Sunday!! (March 25th – March 27th).

I know what your thinking. What is a farm girl writing sweet romances doing writing a sci-fi adventure for kids? We’ll talk about that more on Monday.

In the meantime, feel free to share this with your friends and have a blessed Easter weekend.


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