Fiction Teaser Tuesday #2 – At the gate of Troll Hunter

Carl motioned for Dag to follow him, “I understand. I’d go too, if my family were out there. I’ve been ordered to keep the gates closed, but you know the way back in.” Carl winked at him.

“A gate won’t keep a giant troll out. Have men at the wall, and best keep everyone inside their houses and fires burning around them holes in the square. With the ground rattling you might find some mine trolls popping up in the night,” Dag heard Harald warn Fergus, the caption of the village patrol.

Dag could hear the rushing of his blood in his ears. His heart sped. Carl motioned for him to slip through the gate while Fergus and the troll hunter argued. As the gates closed, Uschi squeezed through by the scrape of her fur.

“May the Lord watch over thee this night!” Carl said.

Dag set out in the direction that the runaway horses had taken the night before. Uschi ran ahead of him in the open stretch of land between the village and the forest. Her little bear body rolling and tumbling through the snow. At the edge of the forest, Carl’s words brought little reassurance to him.

Uschi climbed up a fallen log and paced back and forth its length. Her nose running across the bark inhaling the scent of damp wood and wet moss. Dag’s foot fell into a deep gash in the snow and he stepped back. Large gashes wounded the snow around the fallen tree. Some places were deeper than others and the earth bled through the ground’s white layer of snow.


Or maybe Dag doesn’t go beyond the gates this night, maybe it happens like this:


Carl motioned for Dag to follow him, “I understand. I’d go too, if my family were out there. I’ve been ordered to keep the gates closed, but you know the way back in.” Carl winked at him.

Harald clamped his hand down on Dag’s shoulder. “We’ve got bigger problems here, than in the woods tonight.”

Dag followed Harald’s gaze down the streets where torches were lit and wood stacked around the sunken spots of the streets that opened to the mines below the village. A few of the King’s patrolmen and several villagers held onto their torches and as the evening bells of the church bonged the fires were lit.

Harald turned his face heavenward and scanned the darkening sky.

Dag followed his gaze. His body grew tense, it was hard to smell it in the air with all the smoke filtering down from the street, but Dag had lived long enough to know another storm brewed in the distance. Uschi, sensed it, too. She whined and scratched her head against Dag’s leg. He hunched down, running his hands through her baby soft fur and nuzzled her.

“I need a drink. I’ll see you at the tavern.”

Dag straightened and watched Harald retreat down the street. He glanced over his shoulder as Carl and two other patrolmen pulled the village gates closed. He thought of Ma in that instant, she would have gone to the church. His gut twisted. Harald would skin him alive, but Merle was out there. Da was out there. Leona was out there. Uschi whined for his attention and he looked down at the little bear and then at the gate.


So, what do you think Dag will do?  Does he go to the Pub with the troll hunter, Harald, or does he go out into the forest?

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