Dear Motorcyclist

I know the past few weeks have been hot ones. I know it’s too hot to want to wear jackets and extra layers over your shorts or jeans. But I also know what happens when you don’t.

I’m married to a motor safety instructor. He doesn’t just teach it, he lives on his motorcycle — all but the days it’s too cold or too much snow or ice to ride.

It’s economical, and I get it… motorcycles are cool. They bring out the rebel in us and are attractive because of their daring and dangerous nature.

That’s why you have to stay safe.

Most motorcycle accidents are not caused by the motorcyclist but other cars and trucks out there sharing the roadways. They forget there are two wheels out there on the roadways along side them. Most times they don’t look. However, it doesn’t mean as a motorcycle operator that you shouldn’t still use your whits and protect your best asset. Yes, I’m talking about you.

Motorcycles can be replaced.

The people who drive them and ride on them are one of a kind.

Just because it may not be a law, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself. We clothe our children with protective gear and helmets for sports and riding a bicycle, mom and dad you are no different.  When you straddle all that horsepower, be smart. Be safe. You are important.

Wear a helmet.

Wear a jacket.

Wear protective pants.

Have you ever seen road rash? Go ahead Google it.  Not pretty. While you’re at it, look up the stories of many who have experienced it and survived. Painful? I don’t know. I don’t want to find out either.

Have I ever ridden a motorcycle? Absolutely.

Have I ever driven a motorcycle. Yes, I have.

And I’ve been blessed to meet so many other men and women who have shared their joys,fears, and experiences on motorcycles. Not every motorcycle story ends happy.

Last May, my husband was driving home from teaching motorcycle safety one evening on his motorcycle. A young college student pulled out in front of my husband. I still cringe when I think of this happening. I remind myself how blessed we were to that my husband was able to walk away from the accident with broken wrists.

An ER doctor told my husband if not for his protective gear he would have been hurt much worst than he was. Another medical specialist, told us that motorcycles are often referred to a “murder-cycles” in the medical community due to the fatalities from accidents.

While summer is not officially over, fall weather still remains for a few more weeks of good motorcycle weather. I can’t guarantee that like wearing a seat belt it will always save a life, I do know it’s safer.

And you, dear motorcyclist are the only one who can make the decision on wearing that helmet and appropriate coverings to protect yourself for that one time you weren’t expecting to get in an accident.

If not for you, think of those who love you.

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