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UNBRIDLED – Silver Wind Trilogy Book 2

Only three little words – and a cowboy on a motorcycle – can help Jenny make things right again.

There is nothing worse than telling one man to hit the road and then literally running into another. As far as Jenny Anderson is concerned, it’s her ex-boyfriend’s fault—not hers—Cade Sheridan had to spend a few nights in the hospital and his motorbike is in more pieces than a jigsaw puzzle.

Feeling it is her duty to do right by Cade, she brings him home to the Silver Wind Equine Rescue where she manages the clinic and helps her best friend, Sarah, with the rescue. But Sarah is pregnant and the rescue needs another hand, so as Cade heals and looks for a new ride out of town, he agrees to help.

An ex-rodeo star, Cade has been running from his past for too long. The more Jenny tries to push him away the more his heart becomes attached to the small town Kentucky horse farm and its manager.

The more Jenny tries to control things, the more they fall apart. At war with her own feelings, she makes a bad decision on a horse adoption. After a confrontation with Sarah, Jenny knows she needs to turn the reins over to God, but surrendering isn’t anything she’s ever done.

Unbridled for most of his life, Cade has never settled down before, but when an opportunity reveals itself to him, he doesn’t know whether to trust his head or his heart. With a good horse and a place of his own, Cade doesn’t need a motorcycle to get him where he’s going. It’ll take more than three little words to lassoing Jenny into admitting they’re right for each other.

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Book categories: Inspirational Romance