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I spent the day strumming out 5,000 words after a week of what I’d like to call “think and peck” it’s where I write a few words a day. Today, however, I hit my stride and I still have several more scenes that could come to life at my fingertips if my wrists weren’t complaining.

It’s my own fault. I’m a lazy writer. I have this bad habit of resting my hands down on my keyboard instead of holding them up the proper way while I type. I’m sure I’ll pay for it later when I’m older and hopefully by then developers will have come out with a more accurate talk to text program. Only problem is, I’ve never been good with talking out a scene in a recorder, it always just flows from my mind to my fingertips into my story.

This month I’ve hit over 30,000 words.

And no, I am not participating in NanoWrimo this year (national write a novel in a month). Although, with all the re-writes and add ins I’ve put into this novel, I probably could have.

It’s funny how you start out with the goal of editing a manuscript and end up revising and rewriting it because of one scene or one chapter.

Yeah, it was that moment when you get down to having one chapter left and you’re like, “YES! I am so going to get this done!” Then as you write what you think is that last chapter of the story and it doesn’t end the way you planned.

That’s what happened.

Oh, I planned out the scene. I knew how it needed to end, but then in my head I heard my character and all of you readers saying, “That was too convenient. That was too easy.”

So, I left the chapter take me where it wanted to go…. to another chapter… and another chapter.

And I’m so happy it did.

Writing is a journey for the writer as much as it is for the reader. It’s not until we get to those last few words that we know where the story was going to go. And the words are very rarely — The End.

I admit, if not for all of you asking and holding me accountable to finishing this book I’m not sure I would have gotten this far.


I appreciate you for always being here. You keep me accountable and remind me why I write and bring out the joy that is the blessing of having all of you lifting me up and supporting me through this journey.

Even my son’s best friend’s mother asked me if I’d finished that last chapter as she came and picked up her son at our home. It was that feel good moment when someone acknowledges something is important enough to you for them to ask.

And there are many more of you who ask, and all of you are important to me.

UNBRIDLED is headed off to my editor and my selected Beta readers.

I’ll keep you updated when it returns to me for the final proofing. I’ll be sending out my newsletter this week with a special download for those of you subscribed.

If you’re also interested in becoming one of my future beta readers, be sure to sign up for my newsletter to receive invitations for the next opportunity.

In the meantime, enjoy your time this week with your families.

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